Blaü offers a lifetime guarantee of 5 + 5 years to all future and existing customers. When used with some basic care, a Blaü product can last for decades, rather a lifetime. Feel free to connect with us to understand the best possible care routine for your Blaü furniture.

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At Blaü, our priority is to make sure your favourite piece of furniture looks new, always. That’s exactly why we offer 4 free services within 2 years for your modular kitchen units, TV units and wardrobes at 48 hours notice*. But that’s not all. This is just a sweet beginning to a lifetime of our bond with you. After you consume your free services, we will still be a call away.

* Needs to be within city limits and close to a franchisee.

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Our cutting-edge technology ensures that every unit you source from us is nothing less than perfect. We have integrated patented software and hardware solutions to create a product that’s nothing short of perfect. What’s more? Well, you can also use our 60-seconds configurator tool to design your own masterpiece. And we’ll build it for you, ground up.

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All our systems and processes are vertically integrated to help you with an experience that’s truly unmatched. The idea is to deliver the best product from design to development, installation to after-sales support.

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We, at Blaü, strive to make sure that our designs are created keeping a close tab on the future. So we never really go off the radar. That’s because we don’t follow trends. We create them.

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