TV Unit Designs for your Modern Living Room

Do you know that contemporary TV units are offering much more than a mere pedestal for your brand new LED TV? They are so much a part of your living room plot as they add to its style and ergonomics well. With amazingly matching shelves and cabinets, a smart TV unit design can instantly be the living space showstopper or a head turner, whichever way you would like to call as it draws instant attention.

So, plunge in and read this blog to pick your trendiest TV unit from among several TV unit designs. Just skim through some of these designs to have a look at what’s in store for your new LED TV unit!

TV Unit Design

A Luminous Focal Point

The modern TV unit design is not only about offering space to your television but can do a whole lot of other things. It can give a cabinet or two for your other tech gadgets and accessories also. It is a total versatile unit that comes along with a series of open shelves, floating shelves, closed cabinets, and custom storage options. All of these options put together turns your living room wall into a fabulous & luminous focal point around which the remaining part of the room starts to take shape.

You can also combine this expansive unit with a matching coffee table, couch and some chairs as well for you to enjoy a functional and graceful living space that is equally organized too.

Contemporary and Classy

If you are looking for an ideal fit for your contemporary living room without any excesses, then the sleek TV cabinet is the one. With its innately space-savvy design, it’s easy to incorporate in most existing living spaces. It as well takes up very less square footage area owing to its design. Wall-mounted floating TV units are a hot trend nowadays as they are even coupled with under-cabinet LED strip lighting. This classy design with the LED lighting strip makes it the perfect way to illuminate your living room’s accent wall with no going overboard.

From a low shelf in the living room that holds much more than the TV to modular units for adapting your varying needs, your choice here is largely factored by your living room size, style, and color schemes.

TV Unit Design for Small Living Rooms

Undoubtedly, TV units are among the most popular category for reading on the internet. TV unit spaces are not an affordable luxury, hence the ergonomic is chosen over expansive units. What makes a huge difference in the small living space is the open shelving that accompanies your stylish TV unit. These units come as a blessing with your older TV stands. As they stand to be just messy and mean taking up excessive square footage. When you replace this with your new TV unit, you will right away witness an instant makeover. Particularly, in your living room ambiance.

Freestanding or wall-mounted TV Unit Design

If those slim TV units are a bit boring for your taste, then try out wall-mounted or freestanding units. As they also take up vertical space in the living room with a metallic frame and swiveling TV stand. They have another standout feature apart from those above mentioned. They are quite useful for housewives or maid servants. Especially for those who cannot afford to miss their favourite TV shows. Be it from the kitchen or dining area in not so vastly spaced apartment rooms.

Ushering in Textural Beauty

Be the first to know if you don’t know it already as is the case with wood décor. As it is the hottest pick for many house-owners and designers alike. This choice doesn’t change even when it comes to TV stands as well. As wooden TV units produce plenty of textural and visual contrast without changing the color scheme of your modern living space. They also ooze some sense of coziness and charm. From a glossy, urban interior subject to clean design and straight lines.




Crockery Unit Designs for your Modern House

The trend of using dinnerware as a part of your interior décor is gaining in popularity. Bid adieu to crockery hideaways reeling under dust and sealed at the bottom with closed cabinet doors. The right crockery cabinet design is as much essential as your crockery unit in a showcase.

In a simple yet elegant way, you can manage your crockery cum glassware collection. Get more of good space for your living room, dining area or kitchen spaces with an elegant crockery unit. Your crockery unit design helps your dining area look more pleasant, sharp, and amazingly well managed. They are not only installed for displaying glass objects. But will effortlessly exhibit the best of your crockery collection to your friends and family in a cool, modern style.

Crockery Unit

Here are some of the crockery unit designs for your modern house:

Open wall mounted cabinet designs

Open wall mounted cabinets greatly showcase your crockery units as they fit perfectly anywhere in the dining area. Even in the corners so well. In spite of no cabinet doors, your crockery will always be the focal point. It is also possible that they gather dust for which regular maintenance is a must.

One can choose any of the crockery unit designs. For example, a wooden design gives a more cozy and homely feel. Or a metal one for the modern look and feel. Also, many other current-day materials like acrylic or glass can be employed. Only to make one’s crockery unit stand out more.

Crockery unit design with Lighting

What’s more important for the spotlight is to let your dinnerware shine more than the crockery unit design. Light fittings inside the cabinet designs make your crockery to be the focal point. With track lights, you can lift the ambience. In addition, shed some light on class and style. You can also hardware the lighting into the woodwork for a cleaner look. Though difficult a task, it makes a huge difference to your crockery cabinet designs.

Floating shelf cabinet design

Floating shelf cabinet design adds straight lines that pair well with modern décor. Even without the use of cabinet doors, you can display your crockery unit with a warm feel. In other words, add a dynamic characteristic to your crockery. This happens as you couple your shelves with a glass or shiny subway tile backsplash. Still, floating shelf cabinet designs sport a fresh and refined look. This makes your cabinet design look highly sleek.

Modular Crockery Unit

Modular crockery units have a lot of drawers and shelves. They are also more compact than the traditional ones yet having adequate space for storage. With the possibility to customize them to fit your needs, you can be sure to make no compromise on functionality.  Your modular crockery unit should be like an extension of your persona. Therefore, you command the appeal of your crockery with the proper layout of a modular unit.

Glass Cabinet Designs

These glassdoor cabinet designs are the go-to designs if you like the light airy mood it creates. By laying more emphasis on the dinnerware and their transparency, different styles can be incorporated. This is possible with the usage of various types of glass cabinet designs. Textured, stained, clean glass and other types also provide a variety of stylistic properties. As they add a sense of character to your crockery collection. Although, make sure that the glasses you use are in sync with the rest of your dining area furniture.

Blau too redefines Boldness with its extensive Modular kitchen designs. It’s a statement that adds a legion of elan to your kitchen space. Blau focuses on functionality with a fine blend of finesse, precision & innovation. With Blau, you don’t just get to see it; you get to see through it.

Italian Modular Kitchen Designs for Trendy Kitchens

Italian Modular Kitchen designs are apt for a modern kitchen setting. The kitchen setups come with a Modular design that is trendy while including the best ideas. These styles and colours make the most stylish kitchens. In other words, these kitchens are also custom made in Modular kitchen design.

Italian Modular kitchen

Here, let’s take a look at some of the latest Italian kitchens with a unique Modular kitchen design of their own.

Great Italian Kitchen Designs

Here are some latest Modular kitchen design ideas for your home. So, let’s have a look into some of the best Italian kitchen designs:

1.     Modern Italian Kitchen:

This recent take on the Italian Modular kitchen design has got some refined cabinets with a sleek look. The kitchen also has a vast storage space. As it is all closed in trendy cabinets with wide handles.  Also, the colour combination for this kitchen comes with a very subdued look.

2.     Island Kitchen Design:

This kitchen design has a wonderful centre island. It can be used for prepping along with the actual cooking. The cabinets around the kitchen are also sleek and trim.

3.     Classy Italian Kitchen:

The Italian kitchen cabinets used here are hidden in this open kitchen design. The hall and the kitchen are open and not divided with a door. This design, as a result, makes way for trendy cabinets. Also, it doesn’t look cluttered from the hall.

4.     Italian Modular Kitchen Design:

This Italian modular kitchen is just right for the young and hip crowd. The sleek kitchen platform is perfect for small spaces too. It is used as a prepping station, besides a dining table. However, the white and grey colours for this Modular kitchen design are of industry standards.

5.     Sleek Italian Kitchen Design:

This stylish kitchen design is from the modular kitchen brands. It is a design that embeds trendy cabinets in brown with airhead handles. Therefore, the cabinets move freely as is evident with the handy and large cabinets.

6.     Rustic Italian Kitchen Design:

With wood colour and steel handles, this Modular kitchen design likens a rustic Italian look. It has exclusive kitchen cabinets for oven cum microwave and the transparent cabinet at the centre houses the knickknacks.

7.     Minimalist Italian Kitchen Design:

Here is a modest kitchen design of Italy. It has the least items in the kitchen. So, the design is for a large kitchen. Yet it houses less cabinet to achieve the minimalist look.

8.     Baroque Italian Kitchen:

This Italian designer kitchen has a vast space. It is filled on both sides with cabinets. In addition, it has a wine rack at the top and stove in the centre. The open cabinets are used to put your utensils or decor items.

9.     White Italian Kitchen Design:

You can spot your desire for an all-white Italian kitchen in this design. It has shiny white cabinets. Plus, its white handles pass on an impression. In addition, the steel faucets make the design look appealing. So, this is today one of the beautiful Italian kitchen designs.

10.  Traditional Italian Kitchen:

Get an all traditional Italian kitchen design look. Because it has the rustic charm of an Italian garden area. The wooden cabinets also have a customary look with a marble kitchen top. This makes it a nice warm kitchen that looks gorgeous.

Italian kitchens are famous for their nice, sleek and trendy look. As a result, the cabinets are finest to house all your kitchen necessities. Blau also redefines Boldness with its extensive Modular kitchen designs. It’s a statement that adds a legion of elan to your kitchen space. Blau focuses on functionality with a fine blend of finesse, precision & innovation. With Blau, you don’t just get to see it; you get to see through it.

Sliding Wardrobes can make your Bedroom Absolutely Stunning!

Planning to redecorate your bedroom but don’t know how to start? Well, according to a study by Furniture123, it takes 46 weeks for a buyer to fully furnish their home! (Fact) Your bedroom is the place where you are most likely to spend most of your time. So you would want it to be comfy, beautiful and spacious. But how is the question? Well, while we are discussing space and the visual appeal of the room, Sliding wardrobes shouldn’t be left behind.

You know why? Because wardrobes impart the much-needed elegant touch to the rooms. These flamboyant bedrooms wardrobes are filled with fashion inside-out. Your stunning outfits deserve an equally amazing home. Modern trends have taken over the wardrobe industry by storm. Such designs and elegance just makes you bedroom interior a visual treat.

Sliding wardrobes are a great way to add a minimalistic touch to your room. But do you know that Sliding doors were used by Romans in the first century CE?


Sliding Wardrobes


Read on to find out more benefits of the sliding wardrobe that will make your bedroom completely desirable.

Statutory Warning


After following the guidelines in this blog you will not want to leave your bedroom ever, think before reading further!


1.Opt for Waxwing Sliding Wardrobes  

Have lots of clothes but no space to organize it. Well, what if we tell you that all your stuff will be organized fashionably! Waxwing bedroom wardrobes have two sliding doors on each side.

These stylish sliding wardrobes have aesthetically pleasing designs inside out and give you complete space.


2.Laminate your cupboard

Want to make your room walls match your bedroom wardrobe? Well, such minimalistic wardrobes are a complete reflection of your style. If you are a painter or designer or have a creative mind in general, then this style will be the best way to reflect your attitude.


3. Add minimalism to your decor

Well, there are some sliding wardrobes that can reflect your style and some can literally reflect you! Modern bedroom wardrobes are designed with a minimalistic approach. These super stylish bedroom wardrobes have glass to add that extra factor.

If you have floor-to-ceiling glass windows then wardrobes are best suited for your room. Make your room a compliment magnet as these bedroom wardrobes are both unique and ergonomic.


Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe –


1.Spares you space

We all know that the doors of this sliding wardrobe slide to the other way, leaving you with ample amount of space. These bedroom wardrobes allow the room to breathe!

If you are planning to get any other type of furniture, feel free to do so. Sliding Wardrobes are very welcoming!


2.Easy access

Since you won’t be using the traditional ones, sliding wardrobes are provides easy access. With the help of sliding doors, you can easily use the wardrobe without having to open multiple doors. Thus, avoiding any kind of chaos, while you select your clothes for the day.


3.Go crazy with designs

Sliding wardrobes comes in various personalize designs. The styling of these wardrobes can be easily customized to match your room. You name any colour and your wardrobe can be dipped in it.


Such flexibility can only be achieved through sliding bedroom wardrobes. You can find decorative mirrors, lacquered glass, coloured glass, shaded glass etc. Try various combinations to style with a customized wardrobe design.

Well since now your thirst to know about sliding wardrobes has been fulfilled, you can take the next step. Experience the magnificence of these bedroom wardrobes at Blau and select your ideal sliding wardrobe!


5 Tips To Improve Your Bathroom Space With Modern Bathroom Vanity Units

What is that one thing we look for when we enter a new house or a hotel? That’s right; it is the ambience and most importantly the hygiene. Confused much? We’ll break it down. A well structured, fully equipped and well-maintained washroom with beautiful vanity units makes it easier for us to push away the germs and diseases, and that automatically lightens up the ambience of the room. The vicinity of a place is not entirely dependent on the interiors. The atmosphere of a washroom is a big factor that affects the aura of it.

Having separate cabinets and counters for various products and sanitary material will not only keep your washroom clean, but it will also add to the quality of the restroom. That is how ambience and hygiene are synonymous with each other.

Here come, the modern bathroom vanity units that promptly allow us to achieve the ultimate bathroom.

Is having a hygienic washroom all we want, or is it the luxury that comes with having a well-maintained restroom?

Everybody loves opulence and trust us, with proper measures to keep your washroom hygienic, comes rare luxury.


vanity Units


A “lavish bathroom dream” everyone has always had

You definitely can’t argue with us on this one. Ever wondered of turning the dream of having a lavish washroom into a reality? With modern vanity bathroom units, dreams do come true. According to Investopedia, people buy luxury goods for a variety of reasons, all of which are related to the strong emotions that we attach to expensive material goods.

The “I’m done for today” area

What better way to call it a day if not a warm shower? Hectic work life, awkward conversations, bad days, all of these are not negligible, The stress these activities cause can be washed away with a warm bath in a spacious washroom which comes with a comfortable aura. Modern vanity units are going to be of great help with their cabinets and capacity of storing things to make the restroom more spacious.

The judgment zone

The scale on which we judge a house or a hotel might not include the washroom directly, but at one point it is still on the scale. When we visit a restroom, be it a house or a hotel, our brain assumes the washroom to have great Furniture. It is how humans function; we look for cleanliness and quality in the surroundings we live.

Your pop star arena

Well, look, we all know we all love it. Bathroom singing is good; it is a sign of being stress-free. An opulent washroom helps us be the most chilled version of ourselves. Also, if you think, no one can hear your bad singing, you’re wrong.

Science has proved that the reason we tend to sing in the showers is that of how comfortable we feel in our washrooms. As washrooms are our “safe and warm environment.”

Fix your washroom with the right modern vanity unit design

A whole collection of your favourite body care products and absolutely no space to store them? That sounds like a nightmare to us. Vanity units come with contemporary cabinets that do justice to all your beloved brands. Want to know more? Well, scroll down to find out.

Freestanding Vanity Units

The material used in a freestanding vanity unit is usually wood. Wood is an excellent choice for everyone who wants a traditional and authentic touch to their house. These come in various designs and hold up to two sinks in a spot.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted vanity units are attached to the wall and save a lot of space in the washroom. These designs come with many cabinets, look contemporary, trendy and are the perfect choice for an elite house.

Under mounted

The vanity basin is built inside the vanity unit itself. It helps give a refined look to the washroom and provides you with a clean atmosphere.

Vessel vanity

These modern bathroom vanity units come with vanity basins that are shaped like bowls, giving away a fancy look.

How do you achieve quality washroom? With a mind-blowing mixture of hygiene, perfect aura, and modern bathroom vanity units. Get to revamping now!

Get the Perfect Floating TV Unit for your New Home Theater

Never in our wildest dreams, did we think our relationship with Television would be such a long-term one, did we? Watching movies is something we all like, whether it is in a theatre, on TV or on a laptop. It’s 2018, and we’d love a terrific TV unit to experience all the drama.

Don’t you remember? Forgetting all worries because of our beloved TV shows, staying glued to the TV and not caring about homework, spending weekends only in the company of a TV, or asking our kids to go study and watching our own favourite show. All of this pretty much sums up our endless love for Television.

Back in the day, we did not have many options for a TV unit. It usually was just a table, but today we have a million modular designs for TVs. A wall mounted TV unit allows us all to binge our movie list with comfort. Be it in the bedroom, the hall, or anywhere else, it’s all possible with the floating TV units.

TV unit


The Telepathy With The Television

If it is anyone who can brighten up our moods within a few minutes, after our best friends or family members, it has to be the TV. Television is the best and the simplest way to switch your mood from bad to good. It is said that a person becomes gentler and happier after a 5 minute of a TV break. The reason being, we only watch what we enjoy the most, and that definitely makes us feel better. Movies, comedy shows, music videos, all of these are said to decrease stress.


Fact:- Based on figures from 2014, the average person watches about 141 hours of TV per month or 1,692 hours per year.


Let’s Talk About History 

Entertainment centre now called TV unit are furniture designs that support the electronic device. It was established somewhere in the 1960’s. Initially crafted for stereos, audio speakers, these were gaining popularity which began the expansion of the TV unit designs.


Fantastic Floaters  – Tv unit

Annoyed by all the wiring on the floor? Ignore it and move on with the floating TV units. These are entertainment centres that benefit you in many ways.


  • Ethereally Ergonomic

Floating TV units give your space and aesthetic appeal. They allow you to relax and pass time with comfort, because of them being wall mounted. Gone are the days, when you had to adjust yourself for a good angle of the screen, with these you can sit anywhere and watch your favourite shows.


Fact –  Europe has the largest market for luxury furniture, but developing countries such as China and India are not far behind.


  • Mesmerizingly Modular

Did you ever think, a TV unit could make your room look like a luxurious theatre? These give your walls a beautiful finishing and play a role of a wall decoration in itself.


  • Superiorly Spacious

The amount of space that a regular TV unit can occupy may tend to be highly annoying. Thanks to the wall mounted TV units, these make room for comfort and style effortlessly. They also allow us to store our things in the cabinets erasing the panic factor we all have while searching for something we cannot find.


There you go, floating TV units were made for all of us to enhance our houses and our pass time. Take a look at our TV units at So, now it’s showtime – get your choice of Floating TV units from Blau!

7 Reasons Why Modular Kitchens are a Modern Day Necessity

What is the best way to define lifestyle? The simple answer is “the way a person or a group of people lead their life”. Is it that simple, though? The lifestyle we live revolves around a million factors. There is no bad or a good lifestyle. It all depends on the people, the choices and the habits we make. We are all affected by the stress, the anxiety, the responsibilities, the need for comfort and a list of other reasons goes on. Latest Modular kitchen help reduce at least some of it. A balanced lifestyle, however, is the ability to continuously keep up the routine and our everyday joys, which ultimately gives you a satisfactory level of value in life. Everything is interdependent. The environment at workplace will have an effect on the environment at home – all of this plays a vital role.


Latest Modular Kitchen

 Modular Kitchen – Luxury or Necessity

Comfort is highly contagious. We all love being in our comfort zones. However luxurious the vacation might have been, however good the hotel food was, we still go back to our own houses. Why? To feel comfort.

Cooking is an art, don’t you think it needs a space as good as it is? Many women and men cook the best when their kitchen is built and crafted according to their choice. Yes, the modular kitchens come with a lot of benefits, and that makes it luxurious.

So here is the answer, with the kind of lifestyle we lead, luxury becomes a necessity eventually. Modular kitchens are both luxury and a necessity. They are a perfect way to lead a balanced lifestyle.

  • “Modern” Day Trivia

Wondering how modular kitchens might help you live a better lifestyle? Here are 8 reasons why modular kitchens are a modern day necessity.

  • Vibrant Visuals

Believe it or not, one of the major things that affect a person is the lack of good interiors. We are the happiest when we are at ease. Ever wondered, why all the restaurants look so appealing? Why we look for the surroundings while visiting a house? It’s all because visuals are vital. The latest modular kitchen designs allow you to fulfil this need with their contemporary and sophisticated edge.

  • Sharply Spacious 

Getting annoyed is easy, getting annoyed in a kitchen is even easier. Modular kitchens allow us to keep our kitchen spacious and provides us with maximum utility while still managing to look like a paradise.

  • Futuristically Forward

A regular kitchen fails to give us the perfect coordination in between a lavish kitchen decor and the appliances we love. The latest modular kitchen designs are made efficiently so that the appliances fit perfectly and form a whole unit.

  • Coherently Convenient

Convenience, it is a factor we look for in every situation. We do things for our or someone else’s convenience so that there is no problem faced by the person. Modular kitchens with their high-end technology and adaptability add ease into the cooking process. When you have everything in its place, it makes the process a lot more than just a chore.

  • Majorly Manageable

Frequent dusting and organizing must be tiring, isn’t it? Say goodbye to that, with the latest modular kitchen designs there’s no need to clean or maintain.

  • Collectively Clutter-free

Cooking in a clutter? Sounds like a terrible idea. Hygiene also is important to have a balanced lifestyle. For many people, it is impossible and makes working in the kitchen a difficult task. Modular kitchens give us the liberty to have the whole kitchen neatly organized at any time of the day. This helps in having a hygienic lifestyle.

  • Capably Customizable

Modular kitchens are made up of components that can be assembled or disassembled at will. The assembling of the parts also means that you can customize your kitchen the way you want it to be. The entire set or any part of it can be of your choice and how you prefer it to be. This is not an option you will have in a regular kitchen.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this blog. Check out Blau’s modular kitchen designs at Improve your lifestyle and live the life you want with the latest modular kitchen designs.

Enhance Your Bedroom with The Latest Open Closet Designs

Our relationship with beds is a strong one. It’s the one piece of furniture that gives us peace and re-boots our body system – every day. Moreover, most of us can’t wait to get back to it. Don’t you agree?
There is no way one doesn’t look at a beautiful bedroom and doesn’t think of owning a wardrobe that allows us to showcase our beloved belongings and with open closet designs, that’s definitely possible. We all have locked our hearts on a few bedrooms designs while touring for new houses or even when browsing through the internet or magazines.

Open Closet

The importance of having a good bedroom

A bedroom is more than just a few square inches. It holds the capability of having full control over our mood, our day, our habits, our behaviour, and many other factors affecting our overall health.

Sleep is what keeps us going; it is that one human function that keeps our sanity intact. A majority of people suffer from sleeping disorders, not being able to sleep straight for 7 hours, waking up atintervals. The necessity to sleep is the brain asking to shut down fora few hours, and for that to happen everyone needs to be at peace and relaxed.

There comes the role of a quality bedroom because the surroundings we sleep in effect our sleep routines deeply.The bedroom environment can have a significant influence on sleep quality and quantity. Several variables combine to make up the sleep environment, including light, noise, and temperature.

Closets to choose from

Our bedrooms, back in the day had wardrobes. Some have so many wardrobes that they do not have enough space for any other accessory in the room. Today, it is a different era. We have different types of closets to save up all the space to accommodate other essential pieces of furniture in a bedroom.

The reach-in closets

It is the most popular type of wardrobe, which is currently doing its rounds in the furnituremarket. A reach-in closet is a perfect combination of functionality andaesthetic. It comes with a lot of cabinets, drawers, shelves, hangers, whichhelp you keep your wardrobe neat and organised. It is definitely, an excellent choice foranyone who is looking for a spacious, functional and up to date closet.

The walk-in closets

All of us have dreamed about having a room entirely dedicated to our precious clothes, accessories and not to forget, our extensive collection of shoes. There is no need to justify and give reasons for its popularity; it is common knowledge. No panicking, no threat to losing your clothes, not being able to
find them, finding them crumpled somewhere in the corner because there’s so
much space.
Wardrobes aren’t the wardrobes they used to be. With time, closets have also evolved. Today, a Wardrobe comes in numerous designs. User-friendly, useful, and contemporary, these qualities define the modern wardrobe.

Why the latest open closet designs?

What makes them special? What’s the magic they do? Read to find out!

Superiorly Spacious

An open closet allows you to save space. Be it a big house, a small house, or a big bedroom, a small bedroom. There’s always plenty of space for all the shoes,
clothes, accessories. No fear of losing out the time or your favourite things,
because they’ll still be in their supposed place.

Terrific Time Saver

Gone are the days, when people would take hours to empty the closet to find that one shirt. No more fear of finding clothes all crammed and missing a meeting. With the latest open closet design, there’s no time for trouble.

Incredible Interiors

The latest open closet designs come in innumerable varieties for us to pick from,
allowing us to have a bedroom the way we’ve always wanted, big, spacious,
luxurious and beautiful.

Happening Home Values

With an open closet design in a house, there is entirely no loss and only profits. No second thoughts about selling away houses, because these spacious closets are fashionable and highly in demand by the population in today’s world.


Still, need reasons to load your house with the latest open closet design? We doubt. Suit your aesthetic; get the best choice of latest open closet designs,
exclusively at the Blau showroom.

Trend Of Modular Kitchen Designs In India

What makes a house a home? Is it the hall, the bedroom, the balcony or the modular kitchen? It sure is a combination of all that, but we Indians know the importance of kitchens, don’t we? Indian mothers are obsessed with modular kitchens design.

Modular KitchenWhether its Sunday or Monday, the kitchen has to be on point at all times. Agreed? Nobody can stop an Indian mother from renovating the kitchen. Kitchen has always been important in an Indian household for various reasons, and it still continues to be. The kitchens in the 18th century and now are very different, but they remain very much important. Kitchens in India hold a series of emotion. Remember the secret cabinets where your mother used to hide the chocolate chip cookies? Remember going to the kitchen to take a look at what is cooking? Remember the aroma of food coming from the kitchen? Oh, sad that the aroma would only diffuse up to the hall, but you know what? The aroma of the delicious, mouth watering food cooking in your house can escalate in your whole house. How you ask? Modular kitchens are here to save your days, and give your taste buds a hard time. Modular kitchens have been in use since a very long time, but not here in India. People did have modular kitchens, but they were very few in number.

Now that it is 2018, we can see a number of trends happening. One of them is the trend of modular kitchens. What is a modular kitchen? A modular kitchen, is a space without walls, it is a spacious area which has 2 sections, the floor section and the wall section. It has its own advantages and disadvantages, but you know what the biggest advantage is? It is the open area, that lets the aroma of the food disseminate.

We live in a world, where things change with a speed of a chameleon changing its colour. Our houses have changed, the clothes we wear have changed, the jewellery, the washrooms, and now the kitchens. The trend of modular kitchen has just settled in. Kitchens are being renovated, and there are a million modular kitchen designs out there.

Modular Kitchen Designs

  • L Shape  Kitchen
  • U Shape Kitchen
  • Wooden Kitchen
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen
  • Pvc Kitchen
  • Italian Kitchen
  • AcrylicKitchen
  • Laminated Kitchen
  • G Shaped Kitchen
  • V Shaped Kitchen
  • Metal  Kitchen
  • Alluminium Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
  • Contemparary Kitchen
  • German Kitchen
  • Mdf Kitchen

That’s what time can do. We are the generation of millennials and we know very well what we like. We like everything to be classy and elegant. These are the latest modular kitchen designs that are trending in India right now. Kitchen is special to us; make sure you continue to keep it special. Design your own Modular kitchen, choose the best lights, and add a personal touch to it.

Next time your mother is home, surprise her with your modular kitchen, and let her make your house a home. Let her cook in that Modular kitchen.

Fusion Your Home With Latest Wardrobe Cabinets

Wardrobe cabinets, previously known as closets have played an important role in every house and they still continue to. The only difference is, they changed with time, just like we did. Every 90’s kid will remember having an iron almirah in their house. Reminisce about your mum storing all the important stuff in there? Storing things like clothes to jewelry.

Wardrobe cabinets

What are wardrobe Cabinets ? They’re the most immune, reliable and dependable commodity a household has. A wardrobe cabinet is a piece of storage that comes with adjustable shelves, convenient storage, has double doors and is multipurpose. They’re considered the most secure place in a household, though we’ve all seen movies where closets have been used as a prop for ghosts to live. During the primeval time, closets were considered a secluded spot where people could admire works of art. Today, it has become a piece of art.

Wardrobe cabinets come in different shapes and sizes. Previously, we didn’t have so many options. There were just closets and almirahs, but nothing is constant right? The closets we had kept changing with time, just like we did. They’ve had different phases too. Back in the day, there were wooden wardrobe Cabinets, and then there were iron ones. In today’s world, we have a variety of wardrobe cabinets.

We’re different, our houses are different, and our interior is different. Our choices are wide and different too. We like our houses big, interior chic.  Are you looking for some change? Do you want your house to look unique and classy? You know what you can do? Change you house’ look with some stylish and exclusive wardrobe cabinets.

Here are some best and the latest wardrobe cabinet designs.

The classic freestanding wardrobe cabinets

This design is the oldest yet the most classic. Though, of course, there are a few changes made to them, they’re pretty much the same. Earlier, they were made of iron and had quite a few cabinets, and a locket. Today, they are made out of wood and are available with a number of cabinets, locker. They are easily movable, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house during festivals.

The wall mounted Wardrobe Cabinets

We’ve grown apart from the classic standing design, and a lot of us have settled for these. This design started trending some years ago. These wardrobe cabinets are confined to the wall and are made out of wood, and are shielded with decorum. They give your room a chic look and come with a good number of wardrobe cabinets, are very spacious and save a lot of space in your room.

Sliding door Wardrobe Cabinets

The sliding door designs have been in trend for quite a lot of time now. They’re usually made out of wood, attached from the ceiling to the floor. They save the trouble of opening and closing the doors, which also save a lot of space, they come in a huge size, with a number of cabinets. Cabinets where you can store a number of things like quilts and duvets. Also, very useful for kids who love hide and seek. Next time you don’t find your children, you know where to look for them

Walkin Wardrobe Cabinets

All the OCD and shopping freaks, this wardrobe is for you. If you love shopping and are obsessed with being organized, this wardrobe will make your heart warm. This is not just a wardrobe; it’s a dream for so many people. Imagine having a room full of clothes, accessories, and footwear? Turn this dream into reality, renovate your empty room into the best room your house probably has.

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