5 Tips To Improve Your Bathroom Space With Modern Bathroom Vanity Units

What is that one thing we look for when we enter a new house or a hotel? That’s right; it is the ambience and most importantly the hygiene. Confused much? We’ll break it down. A well structured, fully equipped and well-maintained washroom with beautiful vanity units makes it easier for us to push away the germs and diseases, and that automatically lightens up the ambience of the room. The vicinity of a place is not entirely dependent on the interiors. The atmosphere of a washroom is a big factor that affects the aura of it.

Having separate cabinets and counters for various products and sanitary material will not only keep your washroom clean, but it will also add to the quality of the restroom. That is how ambience and hygiene are synonymous with each other.

Here come, the modern bathroom vanity units that promptly allow us to achieve the ultimate bathroom.

Is having a hygienic washroom all we want, or is it the luxury that comes with having a well-maintained restroom?

Everybody loves opulence and trust us, with proper measures to keep your washroom hygienic, comes rare luxury.


vanity Units


A “lavish bathroom dream” everyone has always had

You definitely can’t argue with us on this one. Ever wondered of turning the dream of having a lavish washroom into a reality? With modern vanity bathroom units, dreams do come true. According to Investopedia, people buy luxury goods for a variety of reasons, all of which are related to the strong emotions that we attach to expensive material goods.

The “I’m done for today” area

What better way to call it a day if not a warm shower? Hectic work life, awkward conversations, bad days, all of these are not negligible, The stress these activities cause can be washed away with a warm bath in a spacious washroom which comes with a comfortable aura. Modern vanity units are going to be of great help with their cabinets and capacity of storing things to make the restroom more spacious.

The judgment zone

The scale on which we judge a house or a hotel might not include the washroom directly, but at one point it is still on the scale. When we visit a restroom, be it a house or a hotel, our brain assumes the washroom to have great Furniture. It is how humans function; we look for cleanliness and quality in the surroundings we live.

Your pop star arena

Well, look, we all know we all love it. Bathroom singing is good; it is a sign of being stress-free. An opulent washroom helps us be the most chilled version of ourselves. Also, if you think, no one can hear your bad singing, you’re wrong.

Science has proved that the reason we tend to sing in the showers is that of how comfortable we feel in our washrooms. As washrooms are our “safe and warm environment.”

Fix your washroom with the right modern vanity unit design

A whole collection of your favourite body care products and absolutely no space to store them? That sounds like a nightmare to us. Vanity units come with contemporary cabinets that do justice to all your beloved brands. Want to know more? Well, scroll down to find out.

Freestanding Vanity Units

The material used in a freestanding vanity unit is usually wood. Wood is an excellent choice for everyone who wants a traditional and authentic touch to their house. These come in various designs and hold up to two sinks in a spot.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted vanity units are attached to the wall and save a lot of space in the washroom. These designs come with many cabinets, look contemporary, trendy and are the perfect choice for an elite house.

Under mounted

The vanity basin is built inside the vanity unit itself. It helps give a refined look to the washroom and provides you with a clean atmosphere.

Vessel vanity

These modern bathroom vanity units come with vanity basins that are shaped like bowls, giving away a fancy look.

How do you achieve quality washroom? With a mind-blowing mixture of hygiene, perfect aura, and modern bathroom vanity units. Get to revamping now!

Get the Perfect Floating TV Unit for your New Home Theater

Never in our wildest dreams, did we think our relationship with Television would be such a long-term one, did we? Watching movies is something we all like, whether it is in a theatre, on TV or on a laptop. It’s 2018, and we’d love a terrific TV unit to experience all the drama.

Don’t you remember? Forgetting all worries because of our beloved TV shows, staying glued to the TV and not caring about homework, spending weekends only in the company of a TV, or asking our kids to go study and watching our own favourite show. All of this pretty much sums up our endless love for Television.

Back in the day, we did not have many options for a TV unit. It usually was just a table, but today we have a million modular designs for TVs. A wall mounted TV unit allows us all to binge our movie list with comfort. Be it in the bedroom, the hall, or anywhere else, it’s all possible with the floating TV units.

TV unit


The Telepathy With The Television

If it is anyone who can brighten up our moods within a few minutes, after our best friends or family members, it has to be the TV. Television is the best and the simplest way to switch your mood from bad to good. It is said that a person becomes gentler and happier after a 5 minute of a TV break. The reason being, we only watch what we enjoy the most, and that definitely makes us feel better. Movies, comedy shows, music videos, all of these are said to decrease stress.


Fact:- Based on figures from 2014, the average person watches about 141 hours of TV per month or 1,692 hours per year.


Let’s Talk About History 

Entertainment centre now called TV unit are furniture designs that support the electronic device. It was established somewhere in the 1960’s. Initially crafted for stereos, audio speakers, these were gaining popularity which began the expansion of the TV unit designs.


Fantastic Floaters  – Tv unit

Annoyed by all the wiring on the floor? Ignore it and move on with the floating TV units. These are entertainment centres that benefit you in many ways.


  • Ethereally Ergonomic

Floating TV units give your space and aesthetic appeal. They allow you to relax and pass time with comfort, because of them being wall mounted. Gone are the days, when you had to adjust yourself for a good angle of the screen, with these you can sit anywhere and watch your favourite shows.


Fact –  Europe has the largest market for luxury furniture, but developing countries such as China and India are not far behind.


  • Mesmerizingly Modular

Did you ever think, a TV unit could make your room look like a luxurious theatre? These give your walls a beautiful finishing and play a role of a wall decoration in itself.


  • Superiorly Spacious

The amount of space that a regular TV unit can occupy may tend to be highly annoying. Thanks to the wall mounted TV units, these make room for comfort and style effortlessly. They also allow us to store our things in the cabinets erasing the panic factor we all have while searching for something we cannot find.


There you go, floating TV units were made for all of us to enhance our houses and our pass time. Take a look at our TV units at https://bit.ly/2DwqwgG. So, now it’s showtime – get your choice of Floating TV units from Blau!

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