Modern TV Unit Designs for the ultimate Living Rooms

A Modern TV Unit assortment offers a lot of unique options. Especially, when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. Some units are thin and space-conscious while others inhabit entire walls giving storage space aplenty. Materials differ from solid wood to plastic and fibreglass. While the shapes are as diverse as human imagination can get across.

Modern TV Unit

Here are some of the modern TV unit designs for an ultimate living room experience:

Modern TV Unit Designs

Entertainment Units are, in general, big and need quite a bit of space. In turn, they offer a lot of extra storage and display space. It is also the beauty of the wall entertainment Units, as you don’t need a gallery disguising your TV. Multi-functional TV units are grand though not many of them are flexible. Comprises two parts, the stand has a movable table that lets you watch TV from any part of the room. A flexible Entertainment Unit is a great idea where multitasking is more of a need with our busy lifestyles.

Antonello Italia TV Stand Designs

Antonello Italia’s modern stands are strikingly alike to those minimal stands. But they also have added frames and shelves to lay up small electronics.

While the BIT and TECNO stands are minimal and smooth, Odeon excels with its huge glossy TV backdrop and a curved wooden open cabinet.

The revolving panel (swivel) allows more flexibility in light of TV positioning. There’s a lot of storage space that’s enough for both external devices and many other media.

Unusual Modern TV Stand Designs

Many modern TV stands come in a rectangular shape. They are re-construed in modern materials. If you go for something exceptional and exciting, there are other choices.

This unusual modern television stand is no regular rectangular TV Unit. Featuring modern or mosaic designs, the unit contains two storage drawers where the unpleasant electronics and cables can be veiled. Of course, the open space allows displaying more decorative objects.

Though with such an unusual yet attractive design, you may not need any additional decorations. As they are just enough to make the unit look too decorated.

Modern Wall TV Units

Wall storage units with TV stands are most practical. They can even hold complete libraries. And their simple design can also fit in smaller rooms, which may get to benefit from added storage space.

The top open shelf is ideal for displaying pretty glassware or vases. While the cabinet will hold little things for a clutter-less look. Two open shelves over and below the TV panel allow storing small items. A trendy freestanding modern TV stand with the circular panel has a wall mount for your TV with partially hidden shelves built-in for the media.

Multi-Functional Modern TV Stand Designs

When space is rigid, a multi-functional furniture piece is just all that is needed. But the functionality of these modern TV stands doesn’t stop with storage only.

Combining the flame that can be viewed for hours and a TV stand, fireplace designers have catered to an ultimate Entertainment Unit. This would fit both a small room and a superior open layout living area.

Supplying added shelf space for both the books and outdoor devices, this far-fetched TV stand is a perfect portrayal of modern multi-purpose design.

In conclusion, a modern TV stand is still a central part of not only interior design but also the home as well. Families and friends are meeting around the blue screen not only to grab a game or enjoy their favourite entertainment but also communicate, if only cautiously. A good TV stand will not only outline the media room but will make the watching experience more enjoyable.

Blau too redefines Boldness with its extensive TV Unit designs. It’s a statement that adds a legion of elan to your living space. Blau focuses on functionality with an excellent blend of finesse, precision & innovation. With Blau, you don’t just get to see it; you get to see through it.

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