Stylish Walkin Wardrobe designs for your Bedroom

A wardrobe holds an integral part in your bedrooms. So, here we bring a walkin wardrobe with some very fresh and classy designs, which will inspire you to give a new dimension to your property. Be it an apartment or a bungalow; everyone wants a large swanky closet. These enticing options here will teach you how to make the maximum use of space using modern designs and creative thinking. You will love and appreciate the designer’s creativity for their innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. 

walkin wardrobe designs

Type of walkin wardrobe designs for your bedroom 

  1. Sliding door wardrobe

    We are actually short of words for this beauty. The sliding doors walk-in wardrobe covers one entire side of your room, which helps you get rid of those sad walls. These wardrobes do not require additional space for doors and thus, are perfect for smaller bedrooms. The sliding doors save you from the hassle of opening and closing doors every time you need something, which creates a lot of noise and disturbance in the room. They are also a great storage idea and help you keep organised in smaller areas as well. 

  1. Rustic Style wardrobe

    This wardrobe gives you a rustic and uncivilised feel in its true sense. Specially crafted using high-quality oak wood, it is extremely sturdy and durable. The strong leather handles provide a firm grip, which gives you that royal feeling of extreme luxury. This wardrobe has been designed in a way that enhances its natural beauty and also adds to the overall appeal of the room. 

  1. Portable Wardrobe

    The USP of this wardrobe is its ‘Portability’. This clever design makes you move your closet anywhere according to your heart’s desire.  Also, this wardrobe has enough drawers to place most of your stuff with the utmost ease. The smooth white finish on the outside is soothing and will increase the overall look of your room by leaps and bounds. 

  1. Walk-in closet

    If you want to live in extreme luxury and opulence, then this is your best bet. It is ideal for those lucky ones who have a spare room to organize their belongings. The classy interiors, up-market lighting features, high-quality material, and stellar appearance, make this wardrobe a perfect choice. In short, this is a perfect combination of wardrobe and vanity area.

  1. Kids favourite

    This bright and perky wardrobe is perfect for a kid’s room. The series of drawers helps to differentiate the enormous stuff found in Kid’s room easily. With the drawers placed at accessible heights, this wardrobe is perfect for teenagers and adults.  Moreover, the vibrant colour adds to the brightness of the room and the unique idea of the inbuilt study table and side table makes it a distinct masterpiece.

  1. White fitted Wardrobes 

    This is one of the most unique and eye-catching designs ever encountered. It produces a marvellous floating effect that makes your room look bigger and spacious. The integrated handles are a fairly new concept, which eliminates the need for those traditional metallic sticks. The wardrobe has a glossy white finish, which altogether brings a prim and proper effect to the room and makes it look extremely beautiful and pleasing. 

  1. Space saver wardrobe

    This is a very creative idea to utilize even the smallest bit of space. The space under the steps of your house usually goes unutilised in most households. Hence, this unique idea helps you to make drawers out of the steps. These drawers have a wooden finish from the outside and are very spacious from the inside. It can easily be used as a shoe rack or for stacking extra collectables. These sturdy drawers can hold up to any weight and are easy to access.

  1. Traditional style wardrobe 

    True to its name, this style has been used since ages. It is simple yet classy and that’s why it makes a spot on our list. It uses maximum space in your bedroom, has a lot of drawers for easy storage and is extremely durable. With a huge mirror in between, it eliminates the need for a dresser and thus makes the room more spacious. Moreover, you don’t need to bother about the placement of a television in your bedroom as this wardrobe takes care of that too.

  1. Surrounding the headboard 

    This concept makes the maximum use of your bedroom space. The wardrobe is built in such a way that it surrounds your bed. One of the advantages of this design is it saves the other wall for mounting a TV or pictures of your family. The other advantage is it does not let you see your wardrobe when you are relaxing on your bed. Not only it makes your room look spacious but also makes drawers more accessible.

We hope this idea-book gave you ample ideas while planning to revamp your house interiors. Thereby, each of the walk-in wardrobe design has its own ideology and functionality and will surely enhance your home decor. 

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