Kitchen Design – Take a cue from the Best Italian Kitchen Design

kitchen design

Italians know what they want when it comes to food. And so naturally, that expertise extends to the kitchen design as well. One of the Italian kitchen hallmarks is its size and sprawling nature. The kitchen might be the most important room in an Italian household and acts as the central hub where food is at the heart of socializing. Because they welcome guests with inviting and relaxed elegance.

Create an Italian-inspired kitchen in your own home while you first decide what kind of Italian kitchen design you are going for.


kitchen design


Italian Kitchen Designs

Italian Kitchen Designs are also perfect for modern and modular looks as they include the best ideas. The styles used and the colours chosen also make the most stylish kitchens. Here we enlisted 15 modern Italian kitchen design ideas for your home. Read on to know more about them.


Modern Italian Kitchen:

This modern take on the Italian kitchen designs has refined cabinets and a sleek look. The kitchen has a vast storage space and is all closed in trendy cabinets with wide handles. But the colour combination in this kitchen is very subdued.


  • Island Kitchen Design:


The Italian kitchen here has a wonderful centre island design where it can be used for prepping as well as the actual cooking. The hob and the gas stove is used in a central space and makes cooking interesting. The cabinets around the kitchen are sleek and slender.

  •      Classy Italian Kitchen Design:

The Italian kitchen cabinets used here are hidden in this open kitchen design. The hall and the kitchen are open and not closed with a door. This open design makes way for trendy cabinets and hob that do not look cluttered from the hall.

  • Italian Modular Kitchen:

This Italian modular kitchen is perfect for the young and hip crowd. The sleek kitchen platform that is used doubly as a prepping station, as well as a dining table, is perfect for small spaces too. The white and grey colours are industrial.


  • Spacious Italian Kitchen:


From among the available Italian kitchen designs, you will find this spacious kitchen to be very appealing. Also, the red and white combination can be perfect. The cabinets are great to keep all kitchen items hidden from plain sight.

  • Rustic Italian Kitchen:

Here you have a rustic Italian kitchen design that has wood colour and steel handles. The kitchen has cabinets for oven and microwave. The centre transparent cabinet houses the knickknacks.

  • Small Italian Kitchen:

Even you can dress up a small kitchen to look elegant and stylish. Obviously, you can run the Italian kitchen decor with broad and sleek cabinets that house all the necessities. It also incorporates the fridge, oven and microwave in the design.

  • Minimalist Italian Kitchen:

Here is a minimalist modern Italian kitchen design. It is also the one that houses least amount of items in the kitchen. The design is ideal for a large kitchen but makes use of minimum cabinets to achieve the minimalist look.

  • 9. Barrique Italian Kitchen:

This Italian design kitchen has a huge space that has cabinets on either side. There is also a wine rack at the top and the stove in the centre. The open cabinets can then be used to place your utensils or items of decor.

  • Industrial Italian Kitchen:

Here you can make use of the best industrial designs in the Italian kitchen. The designs have bare metal designs but are not covered in paint. The steel cabinets are trendy and stylish where the kitchen includes a dining table with chairs.

  • Tuscan Italian Kitchen:

Here, wood is the king. This Tuscan style kitchen makes the most of the wood finish and also has cabinets and island in wood. The rustic charm of this kitchen will appeal to many people for sure.

  • White Italian Kitchen:

You can fulfil your desire for an all-white Italian kitchen with this design. The design has shiny white cabinets with white handles to give an overall impression. The addition of steel faucets, in effect, makes the design alluring. This is one of the Beautiful Italian kitchen designs.


  • Traditional Italian Kitchen:


Get this all traditional Italian kitchen design sporting the rustic look of an Italian garden area. The wooden cabinets have a traditional look with a marble kitchen top. This makes for a nice warm kitchen that also looks adorable.

Italian kitchens have a nice, sleek and trendy look while the cabinets are best to house all your kitchen necessities. Choose your favourite one from the above latest Italian kitchen designs.

Blau too redefines Boldness with its extensive Modular kitchen designs. It’s a statement that adds a legion of elan to your kitchen space. Blau focuses on functionality with a fine blend of finesse, precision & innovation. With Blau, you don’t just get to see it; you get to see through it.

Modern Crockery Cabinets for Lavish Rooms!

You can manage your crockery collection and glassware in classy and straightforward elegance. Get more of those well-utilised spaces in your dining area, kitchen or living room with a chic crockery unit. Crockery units are made to make your dining area look more elegant, well run, smart and amazing. Modern crockery cabinetry is not just installed to put in some glass stuff. They also can flaunt the best of your crockery collection to friends and family in a way that’s modern and uber-cool.

Modern Crockery

More than just Kitchen Cabinets

As constant fixtures in your home, cabinets provide utility and beauty. Not only kitchens, they do so even to pantries, laundry rooms, bathrooms, home-office spaces, and more. Before you develop the interior design of your home, take a look at these six ways to use cabinetry. Above all, to bring your style across your living space.

1. Tuck-away Kitchen Cabinetry

What are you brewing today? Coffee, tea, or wine? A butler’s pantry, hutch, buffet, or beverage station is ideal for entertaining. Because, they give you extra room to prepare appetisers and drinks. They make it easy for guests to do it all themselves. A handy place to store glasses and linens, cabinets help fully utilise the corners and niches near your kitchen.

Tucked away in a corner just off the kitchen, the lovely wine storage bar features glass doors and inner-cabinet lighting to make for a stately display.  Also, there’s nothing like a butler’s pantry to prepare for a splendid array of glassware, ceramics, and other serving items. However, in some homes, the butler’s pantry creates a special serving nook between the kitchen and dining room.

2. Make a colourful design statement

If you’re a bold stylist wanting to add a “wow” factor to your space, a bold, bright, or two-tone cabinetry finish could well be the focal point you were looking for. An unusual finish sets the palette for your kitchen. Thereby, it can also influence design choices in adjacent rooms to create a vibrant interior. Naturally, echoing your colour scheme creates a cadence to your modern crockery interior design as you walk through the house.

3. Personify shelving and display cabinets

There’s nothing like being enveloped by the things you love. Bookshelves, glass displays, and storage cabinets go a long way in making flawless living room spaces. And also, they let you display your photos, vases, book collections, and travel souvenirs for all to see.

Putting up woodwork around the fireplace can convert an ordinary room into a relaxing retreat. Stack shelves on top of base cabinets bring the height up to the ceiling for a natural, built-in look. A grand display, this ground-to-ceiling cabinetry design uses lavish shelving to create a dazzling space.

4. Create a deluxe home office

It’s hard to be productive in a messy, cluttered office. In addition, cabinetry can help you create a clean, welcoming, and organised space. After that, you can be productive when working at home. Shelves, drawers, and pull-outs work great for keeping books, files, and supplies organised. Also, the simple styling of white cabinets and rubbed-bronze hardware forms a  luxurious workspace.

5. The laundry room layout

An orderly laundry room saves you time and energy. As it simplifies the activities of washing clothes, drying, sorting, and folding. Cabinetry carefully designed for a laundry room offers task-based storage, counter-top space, and easy access to your washing machines. Not to mention, a clean and beautiful style.

Your laundry room cabinetry shows balance and symmetry in a cabinet design. This can create a clean and oh-so-attractive laundry room. If you have front-loading laundry appliances, elevate your style. Also, give your back a break by raising your washer and dryer. Using cabinetry drawers to raise the height of your laundry appliances is more usable for loading and unloading. Hence, it’s also great for storing cleaning supplies.

6. Complement your Modern crockery with vanity

A high grade vanity instantly boosts the comfort and style of your bathroom. Using a similar door-style or finish as your kitchen cabinets provide your home interior with a consistent aesthetic.

Moreover, this bathroom vanity uses the same door style and finish as the kitchen cabinets. Other details like the choice of wall paint and a vanity tower with glass doors create a spa-like setting.

There you have it with some ideas on how to style your home using some of the fantastic cabinetry styles. The styles that house your modern crockery. Which ideas are you looking to add in your home?

Blau is not only for the modular kitchens, wardrobes and TV Units. There’s a lot more that we have to offer. We know a home isn’t complete until those distinctive elements are added to it! With buffet units, crockery units, dressers and vanity units, we, at Blaü, make sure that your home is complete!

Italian Modular Kitchen Designs for Trendy Kitchens

Italian Modular Kitchen designs are apt for a modern kitchen setting. The kitchen setups come with a Modular design that is trendy while including the best ideas. These styles and colours make the most stylish kitchens. In other words, these kitchens are also custom made in Modular kitchen design.

Italian Modular kitchen

Here, let’s take a look at some of the latest Italian kitchens with a unique Modular kitchen design of their own.

Great Italian Kitchen Designs

Here are some latest Modular kitchen design ideas for your home. So, let’s have a look into some of the best Italian kitchen designs:

1.     Modern Italian Kitchen:

This recent take on the Italian Modular kitchen design has got some refined cabinets with a sleek look. The kitchen also has a vast storage space. As it is all closed in trendy cabinets with wide handles.  Also, the colour combination for this kitchen comes with a very subdued look.

2.     Island Kitchen Design:

This kitchen design has a wonderful centre island. It can be used for prepping along with the actual cooking. The cabinets around the kitchen are also sleek and trim.

3.     Classy Italian Kitchen:

The Italian kitchen cabinets used here are hidden in this open kitchen design. The hall and the kitchen are open and not divided with a door. This design, as a result, makes way for trendy cabinets. Also, it doesn’t look cluttered from the hall.

4.     Italian Modular Kitchen Design:

This Italian modular kitchen is just right for the young and hip crowd. The sleek kitchen platform is perfect for small spaces too. It is used as a prepping station, besides a dining table. However, the white and grey colours for this Modular kitchen design are of industry standards.

5.     Sleek Italian Kitchen Design:

This stylish kitchen design is from the modular kitchen brands. It is a design that embeds trendy cabinets in brown with airhead handles. Therefore, the cabinets move freely as is evident with the handy and large cabinets.

6.     Rustic Italian Kitchen Design:

With wood colour and steel handles, this Modular kitchen design likens a rustic Italian look. It has exclusive kitchen cabinets for oven cum microwave and the transparent cabinet at the centre houses the knickknacks.

7.     Minimalist Italian Kitchen Design:

Here is a modest kitchen design of Italy. It has the least items in the kitchen. So, the design is for a large kitchen. Yet it houses less cabinet to achieve the minimalist look.

8.     Baroque Italian Kitchen:

This Italian designer kitchen has a vast space. It is filled on both sides with cabinets. In addition, it has a wine rack at the top and stove in the centre. The open cabinets are used to put your utensils or decor items.

9.     White Italian Kitchen Design:

You can spot your desire for an all-white Italian kitchen in this design. It has shiny white cabinets. Plus, its white handles pass on an impression. In addition, the steel faucets make the design look appealing. So, this is today one of the beautiful Italian kitchen designs.

10.  Traditional Italian Kitchen:

Get an all traditional Italian kitchen design look. Because it has the rustic charm of an Italian garden area. The wooden cabinets also have a customary look with a marble kitchen top. This makes it a nice warm kitchen that looks gorgeous.

Italian kitchens are famous for their nice, sleek and trendy look. As a result, the cabinets are finest to house all your kitchen necessities. Blau also redefines Boldness with its extensive Modular kitchen designs. It’s a statement that adds a legion of elan to your kitchen space. Blau focuses on functionality with a fine blend of finesse, precision & innovation. With Blau, you don’t just get to see it; you get to see through it.

7 Reasons Why Modular Kitchens are a Modern Day Necessity

What is the best way to define lifestyle? The simple answer is “the way a person or a group of people lead their life”. Is it that simple, though? The lifestyle we live revolves around a million factors. There is no bad or a good lifestyle. It all depends on the people, the choices and the habits we make. We are all affected by the stress, the anxiety, the responsibilities, the need for comfort and a list of other reasons goes on. Latest Modular kitchen help reduce at least some of it. A balanced lifestyle, however, is the ability to continuously keep up the routine and our everyday joys, which ultimately gives you a satisfactory level of value in life. Everything is interdependent. The environment at workplace will have an effect on the environment at home – all of this plays a vital role.


Latest Modular Kitchen

 Modular Kitchen – Luxury or Necessity

Comfort is highly contagious. We all love being in our comfort zones. However luxurious the vacation might have been, however good the hotel food was, we still go back to our own houses. Why? To feel comfort.

Cooking is an art, don’t you think it needs a space as good as it is? Many women and men cook the best when their kitchen is built and crafted according to their choice. Yes, the modular kitchens come with a lot of benefits, and that makes it luxurious.

So here is the answer, with the kind of lifestyle we lead, luxury becomes a necessity eventually. Modular kitchens are both luxury and a necessity. They are a perfect way to lead a balanced lifestyle.

  • “Modern” Day Trivia

Wondering how modular kitchens might help you live a better lifestyle? Here are 8 reasons why modular kitchens are a modern day necessity.

  • Vibrant Visuals

Believe it or not, one of the major things that affect a person is the lack of good interiors. We are the happiest when we are at ease. Ever wondered, why all the restaurants look so appealing? Why we look for the surroundings while visiting a house? It’s all because visuals are vital. The latest modular kitchen designs allow you to fulfil this need with their contemporary and sophisticated edge.

  • Sharply Spacious 

Getting annoyed is easy, getting annoyed in a kitchen is even easier. Modular kitchens allow us to keep our kitchen spacious and provides us with maximum utility while still managing to look like a paradise.

  • Futuristically Forward

A regular kitchen fails to give us the perfect coordination in between a lavish kitchen decor and the appliances we love. The latest modular kitchen designs are made efficiently so that the appliances fit perfectly and form a whole unit.

  • Coherently Convenient

Convenience, it is a factor we look for in every situation. We do things for our or someone else’s convenience so that there is no problem faced by the person. Modular kitchens with their high-end technology and adaptability add ease into the cooking process. When you have everything in its place, it makes the process a lot more than just a chore.

  • Majorly Manageable

Frequent dusting and organizing must be tiring, isn’t it? Say goodbye to that, with the latest modular kitchen designs there’s no need to clean or maintain.

  • Collectively Clutter-free

Cooking in a clutter? Sounds like a terrible idea. Hygiene also is important to have a balanced lifestyle. For many people, it is impossible and makes working in the kitchen a difficult task. Modular kitchens give us the liberty to have the whole kitchen neatly organized at any time of the day. This helps in having a hygienic lifestyle.

  • Capably Customizable

Modular kitchens are made up of components that can be assembled or disassembled at will. The assembling of the parts also means that you can customize your kitchen the way you want it to be. The entire set or any part of it can be of your choice and how you prefer it to be. This is not an option you will have in a regular kitchen.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this blog. Check out Blau’s modular kitchen designs at Improve your lifestyle and live the life you want with the latest modular kitchen designs.

Trend Of Modular Kitchen Designs In India

What makes a house a home? Is it the hall, the bedroom, the balcony or the modular kitchen? It sure is a combination of all that, but we Indians know the importance of kitchens, don’t we? Indian mothers are obsessed with modular kitchens design.

Modular KitchenWhether its Sunday or Monday, the kitchen has to be on point at all times. Agreed? Nobody can stop an Indian mother from renovating the kitchen. Kitchen has always been important in an Indian household for various reasons, and it still continues to be. The kitchens in the 18th century and now are very different, but they remain very much important. Kitchens in India hold a series of emotion. Remember the secret cabinets where your mother used to hide the chocolate chip cookies? Remember going to the kitchen to take a look at what is cooking? Remember the aroma of food coming from the kitchen? Oh, sad that the aroma would only diffuse up to the hall, but you know what? The aroma of the delicious, mouth watering food cooking in your house can escalate in your whole house. How you ask? Modular kitchens are here to save your days, and give your taste buds a hard time. Modular kitchens have been in use since a very long time, but not here in India. People did have modular kitchens, but they were very few in number.

Now that it is 2018, we can see a number of trends happening. One of them is the trend of modular kitchens. What is a modular kitchen? A modular kitchen, is a space without walls, it is a spacious area which has 2 sections, the floor section and the wall section. It has its own advantages and disadvantages, but you know what the biggest advantage is? It is the open area, that lets the aroma of the food disseminate.

We live in a world, where things change with a speed of a chameleon changing its colour. Our houses have changed, the clothes we wear have changed, the jewellery, the washrooms, and now the kitchens. The trend of modular kitchen has just settled in. Kitchens are being renovated, and there are a million modular kitchen designs out there.

Modular Kitchen Designs

  • L Shape  Kitchen
  • U Shape Kitchen
  • Wooden Kitchen
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen
  • Pvc Kitchen
  • Italian Kitchen
  • AcrylicKitchen
  • Laminated Kitchen
  • G Shaped Kitchen
  • V Shaped Kitchen
  • Metal  Kitchen
  • Alluminium Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
  • Contemparary Kitchen
  • German Kitchen
  • Mdf Kitchen

That’s what time can do. We are the generation of millennials and we know very well what we like. We like everything to be classy and elegant. These are the latest modular kitchen designs that are trending in India right now. Kitchen is special to us; make sure you continue to keep it special. Design your own Modular kitchen, choose the best lights, and add a personal touch to it.

Next time your mother is home, surprise her with your modular kitchen, and let her make your house a home. Let her cook in that Modular kitchen.

10 Tips to utilize space available like a pro in your kitchen design layout

Tiny kitchen designs have become more familiar with people nowadays using it merely as a place to reheat takeout and store bottles of wine. Don’t fret if you have a tiny, overcrowded kitchen design, here are a few tips that could help you utilise the space in your kitchen design to the fullest and to make your small kitchen look more prominent and work smarter.

Kitchen Design

The Right Layout

The kitchen design layout must be planned out in such a way that the work triangle must be as small as possible. The work triangle refers to the distance between the stove, sink and refrigerator. The design layout determines the flow of traffic within the kitchen and must be planned according to the extent of usage of each component of the kitchen. As a rule, the refrigerator must be closed to the door since it’s usually the primary reason for going to the kitchen at all.

Keep it lit

Even though it usually is an afterthought, lighting is an integral part of the kitchen. Not just for the utilitarian mindset but also as a stylistic aspect, to shed some perspective on the interior design of the kitchen. Either ceiling lights or natural lights can be used to make a section of your kitchen design the hero.

Up high

The kitchen cabinet design determines most of your storage space in your kitchen. Don’t always go for the short petite options hoping it creates a classy look, doesn’t always PAN out the way you want it! Opt for tall upper cabinets; in lofty places, stacked upper cabinets are ideal as they offer enough space for your stock away all those munchies.

Backsplash belt

A well-designed backsplash is a great double duty feature, not only protecting your wall from splatters and splashes but also acting as utility belt keeping all your tools ready for any cooking challenge that might come your way. Stainless steel pegboard backsplashes are ideal as they are easy to clean and provide a sleek and classy appeal to kitchen design.

Captain hook

Install hooks wherever you can, to hang your oven mitts or cleaning cloths. Utilizing space smart means you keep functionality in mind. Hooks allow you to save up on storage space, and also keep your tools in handy whenever you might need them.

Right around the corner

Corner space is underutilized in most kitchen design. When you’re trying to make, every inch count then doesn’t shy away from putting those corners to good use. Shelves in corners not only make up for storage space but create a more homely and cosy vibe in your kitchen design as well. Styled shelves can give these awkward corners a purpose to serve.

Reaching above

There is usually ample amount of space available above the kitchen cabinets. Store your pots and pans up high and just jump up on to the counter to reach them. This can leave your cabinets and shelves with enough space to store away your plates and cups. Using the top of your cabinets to put away your pots and pans won’t make your kitchen design seem overcrowded as they will be high above and out of sight.

Kitchen design and Decor details

Don’t neglect stylistic details; they amplify the appeal and vibe of your kitchen.  Hardware is like earrings for your kitchen cabinetry; the right décor not only adds stylistic value but can change the perception of space, especially with the use of glass or mirrors. The interior of your kitchen design is as important as the layout when it comes to utilisation of the space available.

Rolling shelves kitchen design

The downside of deep cabinets is that you have to climb into them to get what you want literally. Install rolling shelves to add to the functionality of your smart kitchen design, making things more accessible. They are a great way to save up on space and make your kitchen design seem better than it might be.

Folding Tables

With folding tables fitted into the walls of your kitchen design, you can save up on floor space when needed. They can act as either a table to eat on or an extra counter to chop up your veggies. They not only add to the functionality of your kitchen design, but they also don’t interfere with the layout itself. Another feature to add on to your smart kitchen Design!

Follow these tips to save up on space in your kitchen, and to use it to the fullest. No one likes a full kitchen, use the space available efficiently and whip up some culinary delights in your own Master Kitchen.

Kitchen Interior Design: Simple Tips For A Killer Kitchen

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior

As a matter of fact, the look of a Kitchen Interior Design depends heavily on its layout. You may have seen your dream kitchen in a magazine or on television. However, it may have seemed out of reach for your budget. First of all, a plush look doesn’t mean undue expenses. Actually, you can easily convert an ordinary kitchen into a stunner. To that end, we show you a few tricks to make your kitchen spell magic. Infact, these are simple hacks that go a long way in transforming a space.

  1. Kitchen Interior Design

First and foremost, kitchen interior design is most essential. As a rule, ensure that the kitchen interior design reflects your personality. To achieve the same, it is always best to focus on the vitals. Infact, lighting tops the list. For example, chuck the boring light fixtures. Instead, opt for a classic chandelier or a quirky hanging. Next, invest in quality hardware that looks sleek. Infact, uniform cabinets and drawers give off a polished look. In addition, go for a pretty faucet and stainless steel surfaces. As a matter of fact, the latter are easy to clean and appear modern. For the walls, choose subtle tones. Also, throw on some wall art for that touch of candour. Moreover, potted plants spell warmth and prettify any kitchen interior design.

  1. Modern Kitchen Design

Additionally, a modern kitchen interior design can render its own charm to a regular space. Think L-shaped islands, large fridges and advanced hardware. However, modern kitchen design thrives on straight lines and sharp contours for a sleek appearance. In addition, it also focuses on statement lighting. For example, recessed lights have an effortless and cool effect. Also, adding a chimney can also help. Make sure your appliances are sleek and follow a consistent colour pattern. Steel and glass are durable counter materials and vinyl is good for the floors. Finally, the use of an accent wall works wonders in kitchen interior design.

  1. Open Kitchen Design

An open kitchen is a kitchen on display. Simply, it is a kitchen with an attached dining area. First, ensure both these spaces are harmonious, décor-wise. Second, look for a separation that is easy and slinks right in. For example, an island is a great way to demarcate the two spaces. Third, use a vent to keep odours away. Finally, go for a shutter or curtains with which you can alternate between an open kitchen design and closed.

  1. Small Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

As a matter of fact, compact is cute. Thereby, small kitchen interior design is charming in its own right. Select vertical geometric shapes for flooring to add length. Also, focus on bringing in natural light. Next, replacing wooden cabinets with glass is a idea. Infact, this kitchen interior design trick creates depth of vision. Additionally, use backless stools and seamless ceiling lights for a sense of continuity and roominess. Finally, select subtle wall paint, especially white. White spells class. Besides, it makes a small space look larger.

For More Information Visit: Blauliving

Expert Tips On Setting Up An Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen

Gone are the days when the kitchen was strictly a private area. Infact, with open kitchen designs and modular kitchens gaining popularity, most homes prefer showing off their cooking spaces. Even more so, if your home usesa modular kitchen design. Simply put, an open kitchen is a kitchen on display. Accordingly, it is a kitchen with an attached dining area. Alternatively, some would describe it as a dining area with an attached kitchen.

We show you a few professional tips on how to realise open kitchen ideas in your cooking cum dining hall:

  1. Demarcate

First and foremost, have separations to distinguish between your cooking and dining areas. However, this should be done in a way that you don’t disturb the congruence between the two spaces. A simple kitchen design works by using furniture to demarcate. Alternatively, use colour to accomplish the same. The use of an island is common in modular kitchen design. Moreover, use the same as a border. As a matter of fact, any sort of alteration in ceiling or flooring marks the distinction.

  1. Congruence

While it is important to demarcate, we advocate uniformity of décor between the two halls. For example, if your dining room is done up in vintage interiors, go for a nice, kitschy open kitchen design. Furthermore, if your tastes are contemporary, a simple open kitchen design will complement the look of your home. Primarily, aim for roominess, harmony and tidiness.

  1. Island Options

Alternatively, you can opt for a diplomatic option instead of creating strict lines of demarcation. For example, insert an island at the epicentre of the kitchen and the dining room. Additionally, you can do up the island as you like. Seamless, quirky, retro; there are many ways you can stylise a simple kitchen design by using an island. Moreover, the island can function as a casual dining area. This furthers the concept of an open kitchen design.

Next, give your island a parapet. Seat your guests along this raised top while you work on the lower surface of the kitchen isle. This adds flexibility to open kitchen ideas as you get to enjoy having your friends around, but also working in solitude at the other end.

  1. Use A Shutter for Open Kitchen

Additionally, you can use a sliding barn door to switch between open kitchen and closed kitchens. Sometimes, you are just not in the mood for intrusions. However, other times, you’d like to have company while cooking up a meal. As a result, adding a shutter is a great idea if you are undecided

Alternatively, you may use a metal mesh or transparent tapestry to visually cordon off the areas.

  1. Vent It Out

Mainly, proponents of closed kitchens believe that a dining area should be free from the odours of the kitchen. We agree. However, we think that aromas from the kitchen can make your dinner more appetising. Accordingly, we suggest getting rid of cooking odours, by using an elegant chimney over the island in modular kitchen design.

Similarly, eliminate ugly noises by using quieter appliances.

Finally, you need to ask yourself: Is an open kitchen meant for you? In case you’re a wallflower or are private about your cookhouse, it’s best to avoid open kitchen ideas. However, if you are more casual and enjoy having people over, this improvisation of a modular kitchen design can work very well for you.

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How To Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

A small kitchen should not be a disadvantage. Infact, it has a quaint charm unlike any other. Everything in a kitchenette, is compact and within your reach. Hence, it has a convenience of its own. However, making a tiny space appear less crowded gives off a neater and better rounded look.

Small Kitchen Ideas
Small Kitchen Ideas

We show you a few ways to add space within a small kitchen design. 

  1. Colour Is Key

It is no God-science that dark colours, contract. On the other hand, light hues render a more spread-out appearance. First and foremost, try to use one uniform colour. White can be your go-to-shade for a modern small kitchen design. Don’t worry, you can use variations of the colour white: Pearl, off or dirty. However, make sure you use the same colour family for all your cabinetry, drawers and even furniture. In addition, choose white coating for all your kitchen gadgets and appliances.

  1. Reduce Eye Stress

Incorporate elements such as backless stools, seamless kitchen isles and ceiling lights, to increase vision space. This is one of the sounder kitchen design ideas. Moreover, this eliminates eye confusion and stress. Thereby, this design philosophy alters the on-looker’s perception of your smaller interior design for the small kitchen.

  1. The Right Material and Style 

As a matter of fact, it makes a lot of difference if you use proper material for your modern kitchen design. For example, replacing wooden cabinets with glass is a spectacular small kitchen design idea. This creates depth of vision and distraction of focus, which is useful to make a petite space look larger than it is.

Furthermore, adding elegant chairs, racks and stools with clean lines, combats eye confusion. Thereby, your small kitchen appears instantly transformed.

  1. Patterns and Décor Elements

Have you ever wondered why vertical stripes are more flattering for shorter people? They create the illusion of length. Apply the same rule to your small kitchen design. For example, geometric lines and patterns lead the eye to track their entire length. Furthermore, checkered floors or diamond and chevron shapes widen your visual field.

  1. Let There Be Light

Next, focus on bringing natural light into your kitchen. You can achieve this by minimising window decorations and tapestry. Instead, use blinds.

  1. Reflection

 Use shiny surfaces, such as stainless steel or glossy coatings, for counter and isle tops. Additionally, you can incorporate mirrors in your interior design for the small kitchen.

  1. Organised Storage

 An easy but great small kitchen design idea is organising your kitchenware according to size. Furthermore, you can have a corner garage to de-clutter countertops. Basically, do your best to keep this area neat and tidy.

  1. On A High

In addition, an elongated vertical path for the eye to follow, lifts the bulk of a small room. Hence, moulding, on top of cabinets is a very useful small kitchen design idea. A framed print, huge ceramic tiles and porcelain ware, help achieve the same. Moreover, a chimney or hood distracts attention from shorter cabinets. 

  1. Unleash Your Creativity

Truly, transforming a small interior design for kitchen is mainly about manipulating what’s already there. However, incorporating a few extra kitchen design ideas helps. For example, use ceiling racks for additional storage. Additionally, a niche can open out the volume of a petite space. Alternatively, you can invest in a ready-made column storage rack, to keep away most of your kitchen stuff.

For More: Blauliving

Modular Kitchen Designs for The Modern Indian House

Modular kitchens are the heart of the home.  You can easily understand the style of a homemaker from the type of kitchen he or she uses. From the most amateur cook to a pro chef, sectioned kitchens are both sleek, trendy and convenient.

Modular Kitchens

Simply put, a modular kitchen is one with the typical layout consisting of a variety of cabinets and shelves for a variety of storage purposes.

Of course, modular kitchens have many advantages. Most of these benefits centre on organisation and storage. This attitude is the cornerstone of an efficiently run kitchen. Coupled with the aesthetic appeal of a trendy, well-planned space, modular kitchens are the way to go.

Modular kitchen designs focus on two major areas:

  • Floor Units
  • Wall Units

Largely, both of these incorporate the use of cabinets.

The benefits of a modular kitchen design over a traditional kitchen are plenty. These include:

  1. Storage Area                                                                                                                                                                       

    Ideal for those who live by ‘’More, the merrier’’ but want more, to look minimal. Modular kitchens provide generous internal space, but as the construction is usually straight-line, the result is a no-fuss look. As a result, modular kitchens are the rage.

  1. Style of Modular Kitchens

    Modular kitchens are trendy in their own right. The linear look is appealing to the minimalist’s eyes.

  1. Customisation of Modern Kitchen

    With modular kitchens, you get to choose from an array of finishes, a splash of patterns and a rich palette of gels and colours to decorate your units. Furthermore, your modular kitchen cabinets can be personalised to add your own statement to your kitchen.

  1. Convenience of Work

    A well-organised storage space in the form of modular kitchen cabinets facilitates no-nonsense working and reduces cooking time. Ultimately, everything you need is compartmentalised and is literally an arm-length from you.

  1. Ease of Construction 

    As the modular kitchen cabinets are pre-constructed, putting them together is quick, easy and no-fuss.

  1. Economical

    A modular kitchen can turn out to be quite economical in the end. From its conception, labour and carpentry costs are minimal because its assembly is easy. In addition, they make chances of correcting construction errors, easier. As a result, you end up saving a lot of money and time. As this kitchen design comes with individual components, you can repair or replace shelves individually, instead of altering the bulk of the unit.

  1. Easy Maintenance

    You can easily clean and maintain a modular kitchen. They are not very difficult or fussy.

  1. Smart Kitchen

    The Modular Kitchen design is the soul of a smart kitchen.  It is ideal for Indian homes. This I because we tend to use many ingredients, condiments and boxes. Interestingly, a modular kitchen design addresses the issue of a space crunch by actually creating a free area, but not taking up any! Furthermore, it is excellent for those living in flats and apartments in metropolitan cities where people are on the go.

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