Modular Kitchen – How to design your own

We cannot say this enough, but Kitchen is the heart of a home. If this is the first time you’re thinking about upgrading your Kitchen to Modular Kitchen, you might already have been bombarded with too many ideas. But, we’re here to give you a few simple and common tips that will help you figure what type of Modular Kitchen to go with. Be it a renovation, or building from scratch; these tips will give you a brief picture of why and where to place certain kitchen things.

German modular kitchen

Why a Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchens are all about saving space and increasing the functionality of works. Our kitchens fit best to these aspects, along with the added precision and finesse of German technology and Italian craftsmanship.

There are three types of Modular kitchen layouts – U, C, L-shaped & Island kitchens. With our ground-breaking technology of configuration, you can envision and get your Kitchen designed just the way you want to. Once you have the basic layout figured out, it’s time to think about where to place the key elements of the Kitchen- Stove, Sink, and refrigerator. The thumb rule here is that there should be ample and equal distance between the three. The next aspect of figuring out is the amount of storage space you need, and this mainly depends on the number of people living in the house. Based on these requirements, plan your kitchen accessories before buying.

Other aspects of a Kitchen

Since we’re done with the internal aspects, let’s move on to the look and feel of the Kitchen. Another thumb rule of the colours is that they should match or contrast the shade of walls and flooring. Since cooking results in stains, bright shades demand high maintenance. So, it’s better to balance out the dark and bright shades to bring even harmony. One of the most important aspects of a kitchen is its ventilation. Make sure not to block natural light and air by placing chimneys or other appliances over the windows.

These are a few critical aspects of how to design a modular kitchen. Other than these, make sure to use the corner spaces creatively. These days, there are plenty of options to cover the corner areas to make the best use of storage space.

We hope this article gave you a few basic ideas for your Modular kitchen design. So, try out our configurator that can help you design your space in less than 60 seconds. If you need further customisation, we’re always here to suggest and help. Connect with us, and take a look at our designs in kitchens, wardrobes, TV units, and more.

Modular Kitchen Designs for the Modern Homes

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. So, you’d best be shaping it up to be like one – concrete and beautiful. Given that apartments, today, owing to a lack of space, leave you just about enough space for a petite pantry area. Thus, a spectacular way to bring home the bacon is by incorporating modular kitchen designs in your abode.

Modular kitchens, also known as galley kitchens, are modern kitchen design concepts. Here the two kitchen platforms, along with crafty cabinets, run parallel to one another. They’re gaining popularity, especially with small apartment dwellers.

Modular Kitchen Design

Here are some marvellous modular kitchen design ideas you could use to give your kitchen that extra ginger it needs:

The All-White Modular kitchen

For anyone who assumes that white kitchen furniture is likely to stain, we’ve got one word for you – quartz. An all-white modular kitchen design like this one is a winner for many reasons. Not only does white make your preparation area elegant and posh, but also makes it appear light. It is essential in a tiny kitchen.

All Black in every corner

A modular kitchen design demands sleekness in every corner. You can’t have a narrow area of floor space to walk into and have cabinets protruding from both sides like snags. A sleek black kitchen organised into a flat plane on both parallels does more than just free up space. Paired with the right backsplash lighting, this design defines simplicity with class.

It’s Not Good Enough If It’s Not Wood Enough

With enough space on your plate, consider a modern wooden parallel design. It, when paired with a sleek marble island in the centre, complements the subtlety of warm browns. Apart from being durable and very easily customisable, wood has a classic look that is truly timeless.

Space Saver Sanction

If you’re a family of 4+, a minimalistic modular kitchen design simply won’t suffice. More folks require more forks. But it’s rather difficult to squeeze in all those storage items. Especially if a lack of space is your prime concern. A space-saving modular kitchen design that uses every inch of the kitchen floor is just what you need. Accurately fitted and neatly arranged, these beautiful whites are your true space-saving heroes.

Natural in Stones

A more artistic route to take would be to incorporate natural stones like marble or granite for countertops in your modular kitchen design. All that vintage appeal looks rich. Marble does marvels, thus giving your kitchen an added aesthetic appeal.

Luxury Cherrywood Modular kitchen Design

A luxurious home demands grandeur in every room, including your kitchen. Modular kitchen designs with chic cherry wood cabinetry and marble countertops do much to glorify your galley area. Of course, the cherry on the top is to install the perfect pair of hanging pendant lights. It will further complement the royal brown of cherrywood.

The Modular Kitchen Design to Steel your heart!

Everything about an ultra-modern grey modular kitchen has sophistication written all over it. Enter all grey stainless-steel splendour. With more space in your custody, get creative by adding a stainless-steel kitchen island to this beauty.

Cosy Kitchen Corner – The Youngster’s Choice

For young adults who don’t intend on being food connoisseurs any time soon but require a kitchenette with basic functionality nonetheless.A petit modular kitchen designed in one corner of your home is a perfect choice. Furthermore, all-white cabinets and large windows are sure to turn this corner from crammed tocosy with minimum effort.

Monochrome Magic

The white and black classic makes for a tasteful combination when it comes to kitchen interiors. No space for a dining room? No problem. This modern monochrome affair could be spruced up a notch, by integrating a marble countertop kitchen island cum dining table, right at the centre of your kitchen.

The Minimalist Modular kitchen Design

It is centred around using simple colours and cabinets and keeping the storage to just bare essentials as well. Thus, this modular kitchen design is for the ones who like to keep it light and breezy with no embellishing. After all, in simplicity lies utmost elegance.

And it’s a wrap! These are some of the best modular kitchen designs you can choose from to get out the best of your culinary talents. They are also sleek, classy, elegant and charming – everything you will want in your kitchen decor.

What’s a better way to start the New Year than with new kitchen designs for your modular kitchen? Out with the old and in with the new, that’s what BlauLiving is all about!


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