TV Unit Designs for your Modern Living Room

Do you know that contemporary TV units are offering much more than a mere pedestal for your brand new LED TV? They are so much a part of your living room plot as they add to its style and ergonomics well. With amazingly matching shelves and cabinets, a smart TV unit design can instantly be the living space showstopper or a head turner, whichever way you would like to call as it draws instant attention.

So, plunge in and read this blog to pick your trendiest TV unit from among several TV unit designs. Just skim through some of these designs to have a look at what’s in store for your new LED TV unit!

TV Unit Design

A Luminous Focal Point

The modern TV unit design is not only about offering space to your television but can do a whole lot of other things. It can give a cabinet or two for your other tech gadgets and accessories also. It is a total versatile unit that comes along with a series of open shelves, floating shelves, closed cabinets, and custom storage options. All of these options put together turns your living room wall into a fabulous & luminous focal point around which the remaining part of the room starts to take shape.

You can also combine this expansive unit with a matching coffee table, couch and some chairs as well for you to enjoy a functional and graceful living space that is equally organized too.

Contemporary and Classy

If you are looking for an ideal fit for your contemporary living room without any excesses, then the sleek TV cabinet is the one. With its innately space-savvy design, it’s easy to incorporate in most existing living spaces. It as well takes up very less square footage area owing to its design. Wall-mounted floating TV units are a hot trend nowadays as they are even coupled with under-cabinet LED strip lighting. This classy design with the LED lighting strip makes it the perfect way to illuminate your living room’s accent wall with no going overboard.

From a low shelf in the living room that holds much more than the TV to modular units for adapting your varying needs, your choice here is largely factored by your living room size, style, and color schemes.

TV Unit Design for Small Living Rooms

Undoubtedly, TV units are among the most popular category for reading on the internet. TV unit spaces are not an affordable luxury, hence the ergonomic is chosen over expansive units. What makes a huge difference in the small living space is the open shelving that accompanies your stylish TV unit. These units come as a blessing with your older TV stands. As they stand to be just messy and mean taking up excessive square footage. When you replace this with your new TV unit, you will right away witness an instant makeover. Particularly, in your living room ambiance.

Freestanding or wall-mounted TV Unit Design

If those slim TV units are a bit boring for your taste, then try out wall-mounted or freestanding units. As they also take up vertical space in the living room with a metallic frame and swiveling TV stand. They have another standout feature apart from those above mentioned. They are quite useful for housewives or maid servants. Especially for those who cannot afford to miss their favourite TV shows. Be it from the kitchen or dining area in not so vastly spaced apartment rooms.

Ushering in Textural Beauty

Be the first to know if you don’t know it already as is the case with wood décor. As it is the hottest pick for many house-owners and designers alike. This choice doesn’t change even when it comes to TV stands as well. As wooden TV units produce plenty of textural and visual contrast without changing the color scheme of your modern living space. They also ooze some sense of coziness and charm. From a glossy, urban interior subject to clean design and straight lines.




Get the Perfect Floating TV Unit for your New Home Theater

Never in our wildest dreams, did we think our relationship with Television would be such a long-term one, did we? Watching movies is something we all like, whether it is in a theatre, on TV or on a laptop. It’s 2018, and we’d love a terrific TV unit to experience all the drama.

Don’t you remember? Forgetting all worries because of our beloved TV shows, staying glued to the TV and not caring about homework, spending weekends only in the company of a TV, or asking our kids to go study and watching our own favourite show. All of this pretty much sums up our endless love for Television.

Back in the day, we did not have many options for a TV unit. It usually was just a table, but today we have a million modular designs for TVs. A wall mounted TV unit allows us all to binge our movie list with comfort. Be it in the bedroom, the hall, or anywhere else, it’s all possible with the floating TV units.

TV unit


The Telepathy With The Television

If it is anyone who can brighten up our moods within a few minutes, after our best friends or family members, it has to be the TV. Television is the best and the simplest way to switch your mood from bad to good. It is said that a person becomes gentler and happier after a 5 minute of a TV break. The reason being, we only watch what we enjoy the most, and that definitely makes us feel better. Movies, comedy shows, music videos, all of these are said to decrease stress.


Fact:- Based on figures from 2014, the average person watches about 141 hours of TV per month or 1,692 hours per year.


Let’s Talk About History 

Entertainment centre now called TV unit are furniture designs that support the electronic device. It was established somewhere in the 1960’s. Initially crafted for stereos, audio speakers, these were gaining popularity which began the expansion of the TV unit designs.


Fantastic Floaters  – Tv unit

Annoyed by all the wiring on the floor? Ignore it and move on with the floating TV units. These are entertainment centres that benefit you in many ways.


  • Ethereally Ergonomic

Floating TV units give your space and aesthetic appeal. They allow you to relax and pass time with comfort, because of them being wall mounted. Gone are the days, when you had to adjust yourself for a good angle of the screen, with these you can sit anywhere and watch your favourite shows.


Fact –  Europe has the largest market for luxury furniture, but developing countries such as China and India are not far behind.


  • Mesmerizingly Modular

Did you ever think, a TV unit could make your room look like a luxurious theatre? These give your walls a beautiful finishing and play a role of a wall decoration in itself.


  • Superiorly Spacious

The amount of space that a regular TV unit can occupy may tend to be highly annoying. Thanks to the wall mounted TV units, these make room for comfort and style effortlessly. They also allow us to store our things in the cabinets erasing the panic factor we all have while searching for something we cannot find.


There you go, floating TV units were made for all of us to enhance our houses and our pass time. Take a look at our TV units at So, now it’s showtime – get your choice of Floating TV units from Blau!

TV Unit Design Ideas for your Elegant Homes

TV Unit Design or Entertainment Unit is the piece of furniture that welcomes your guests home, and is the central and most important part of living rooms. It makes for first impressions of everything you are about. So, bring out your elegance in every bit of your home, to capture your characteristic elements in each frame.

Tv Unit Design

We are here to propose how to extend your personal touch through TV Unit Design:

TV Unit Design that takes Minimum Space:

It is always smart to keep the space in mind when it comes to opting for furniture designs. In order to leave that much more room to accommodate everything else. And it is also free for people to move around comfortably, especially those with children.

While minimum space doesn’t necessarily mean less storage, here is where design and innovation come into play. To use the available space as minimally and efficiently as possible. 

Make it Clutter-free:

Go the clutter-free route when it comes to the Entertainment unit, as you do not want to be too distracted from the TV that’s on play mode. Modern day’s TV Unit designs are more than functional; you would come across a wide range of designs and forms with Book Shelves, Study Tables, and glossy compartments to showcase the knick-knacks you are proud of. Therefore, pick a TV Unit design that serves your needs and desires the best. And let you showcase an extension of your personality at the same time.

Suit the Colour Scheme:

The colour scheme of your TV Unit design is another essential factor to swear by. Choose the Tv Unit design that complements your living room furniture and its furnishings. So, all the interiors are set in a gifted harmony, and ready to play host or throw a party or just make for a relaxing setting that you need after a tiring day at work.

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