Sliding Wardrobes- 6 reasons why your bedroom should have one

Wardrobes are a long-term purchase. So, putting in some extra time to study and analyse every aspect never hurts. Various factors go into the selection of the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom. Its design, Material, colour, and space are a few to be mentioned. If you’ve been searching online, you might have stumbled upon countless designs already. Well, that only adds confusion, so we’re here to narrow down your selection process with just two words- Sliding wardrobes.

Sliding wardrobes

Yes, these are most preferred in terms of design, purpose, and models available. They simply make it easier to see the thought behind the selection. From saving space to adding an aesthetic element to the interiors, sliding wardrobes easily bring elegance to the room. Let’s see what the advantages are with a sliding doors wardrobe.


There’s no arguing this point with a sliding doors wardrobe. With an appearance like a mirror, these wardrobes are pros when it comes to space utilisation. Unlike hinged doors, the function of a sliding wardrobe does not come in the way of space. So, even while using, they give a spacious feel.


Talking about the variety of models available, these make your room beautiful than ever. Taking their slim appearance into consideration, these types of wardrobes add a sophisticated look to the room.

Sliding wardrobes- The space savers:

They do take space. But, the best thing about sliding wardrobes is that they have large flat areas equipped with doors. Which, basically blend with the wall and doesn’t portray like a separate space in a room. One other trick to make the space look spacious is to replace or buy the one with mirrors as doors. Mirrors, since they reflect the image, create an illusion that the room is spacious than it actually is.

Easy installation:

There aren’t many parts in a sliding wardrobe that needs fixing. So, the installation of a sliding doors wardrobe takes much less time than other wardrobes.

Easy to maintain:

Hinged doors, since they come with extra parts that frequently move, they need regular maintenance to keep them from squeaking. Also, since there’s a lot of pressure while pulling the hinged door, its handles wear out often and need maintenance.

Size depends on your requirement:

There are sliding wardrobes that cover the entire length of a wall, or just a part of the room. Either way, they come in all sizes, giving you an array of choices to choose from.

These are 6 aspects of why you should go for a sliding wardrobe for your bedroom, next time you choose one. If you want to check out the range of designs we offer, please visit our showrooms and feel the elegance first-hand.



Modular Wardrobes for a Modern look

A bedroom is incomplete without a wardrobe. Giving the modern-day needs and design trends, there is a wide range of wardrobe models popping up in furniture stores. It’s even harmless to say that it has become convenient to find a modern-looking cupboard. Also, there are endless varieties of materials to choose from each with a different artistic purpose. Although there’s such spectrum of choices, it’s important to study the purpose of the designs of modular wardrobes. So, let’s know the types and designs of modular wardrobes that fit right into your lifestyle.

Multi-panel sliding/shifting doors

Probably the most famous type of wardrobe design. Sliding panels aren’t only popular for wardrobes, but are chosen mostly for cupboards too. That’s because of the ease of use, and space-saving property. If you want your bedroom to have more space, or want it to look classy, you’ll love a sliding door wardrobe in your space. Adding to the list of cons, these type of wardrobes open a wider area of space to check out your outfits.

See-through Modular wardrobes

Is your life all organised? If there’s one thing organised people love is to let others know how clean and neat their space is. For those of you, a See-through wardrobe is the best kind. Without opening up space, the doors of the wardrobe give people a brief of what’s inside, and how organised it is. Most importantly, these type of doors acts as a canvas. The colour of the clothes you put inside the wardrobe acts as art that goes with the rest of the interiors. So, if you want to change the feel of the room, change the clothes inside to how you want it.

L Shaped

Due to its flexibility, most traditional homes prefer an L-shaped wardrobe. But with the trend-wind changing its path to recreate the designs, L-shaped wardrobes got a makeover by popular furniture brands. One of the prime reasons to choose this model is that it does not fix to the usual rules of a wardrobe, being present on one complete wall. It’s the flexibility to purposefully use space gives it an edge over other designs.

Free Standing

These too, date back to years, with their flexibility to be able to move around. These type of wardrobes go well with tight spaces, give us a chance to re-look at designing the interior as many times as needed.

Mirrored doors Modular Wardrobes

If you’ve seen a mirrored wall in a space, it’s to make the place look larger. This is the reason why most small businesses use this technique. They place mirrors on the walls, so the place looks spacious. The drawback in using this technique in a home is that the walls are relatively bigger, and would be a costlier option. Instead, you could go for a Mirrored door wardrobe, which essentially works as a bedroom mirror as well as making the area feel spacious.

DUO - Copper Mirror + Black Mirror Modular Wardrobes

Well, these are some of the modern designs in the world of wardrobes, explained. We hope that this blog helped you make a choice in selecting what type of wardrobe to go for. If you still find difficulty choosing, once the lockdown ends, you can stop by at any of our stores to check out our magnificent options in wardrobes.

Speaking of lockdown, we want to remind you that the whole world is fighting alongside you. So, let’s all stay home, stay safe, and win this war.

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