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kitchen design

Italians know what they want when it comes to food. And so naturally, that expertise extends to the kitchen design as well. One of the Italian kitchen hallmarks is its size and sprawling nature. The kitchen might be the most important room in an Italian household and acts as the central hub where food is at the heart of socializing. Because they welcome guests with inviting and relaxed elegance.

Create an Italian-inspired kitchen in your own home while you first decide what kind of Italian kitchen design you are going for.


kitchen design


Italian Kitchen Designs

Italian Kitchen Designs are also perfect for modern and modular looks as they include the best ideas. The styles used and the colours chosen also make the most stylish kitchens. Here we enlisted 15 modern Italian kitchen design ideas for your home. Read on to know more about them.


Modern Italian Kitchen:

This modern take on the Italian kitchen designs has refined cabinets and a sleek look. The kitchen has a vast storage space and is all closed in trendy cabinets with wide handles. But the colour combination in this kitchen is very subdued.


  • Island Kitchen Design:


The Italian kitchen here has a wonderful centre island design where it can be used for prepping as well as the actual cooking. The hob and the gas stove is used in a central space and makes cooking interesting. The cabinets around the kitchen are sleek and slender.

  •      Classy Italian Kitchen Design:

The Italian kitchen cabinets used here are hidden in this open kitchen design. The hall and the kitchen are open and not closed with a door. This open design makes way for trendy cabinets and hob that do not look cluttered from the hall.

  • Italian Modular Kitchen:

This Italian modular kitchen is perfect for the young and hip crowd. The sleek kitchen platform that is used doubly as a prepping station, as well as a dining table, is perfect for small spaces too. The white and grey colours are industrial.


  • Spacious Italian Kitchen:


From among the available Italian kitchen designs, you will find this spacious kitchen to be very appealing. Also, the red and white combination can be perfect. The cabinets are great to keep all kitchen items hidden from plain sight.

  • Rustic Italian Kitchen:

Here you have a rustic Italian kitchen design that has wood colour and steel handles. The kitchen has cabinets for oven and microwave. The centre transparent cabinet houses the knickknacks.

  • Small Italian Kitchen:

Even you can dress up a small kitchen to look elegant and stylish. Obviously, you can run the Italian kitchen decor with broad and sleek cabinets that house all the necessities. It also incorporates the fridge, oven and microwave in the design.

  • Minimalist Italian Kitchen:

Here is a minimalist modern Italian kitchen design. It is also the one that houses least amount of items in the kitchen. The design is ideal for a large kitchen but makes use of minimum cabinets to achieve the minimalist look.

  • 9. Barrique Italian Kitchen:

This Italian design kitchen has a huge space that has cabinets on either side. There is also a wine rack at the top and the stove in the centre. The open cabinets can then be used to place your utensils or items of decor.

  • Industrial Italian Kitchen:

Here you can make use of the best industrial designs in the Italian kitchen. The designs have bare metal designs but are not covered in paint. The steel cabinets are trendy and stylish where the kitchen includes a dining table with chairs.

  • Tuscan Italian Kitchen:

Here, wood is the king. This Tuscan style kitchen makes the most of the wood finish and also has cabinets and island in wood. The rustic charm of this kitchen will appeal to many people for sure.

  • White Italian Kitchen:

You can fulfil your desire for an all-white Italian kitchen with this design. The design has shiny white cabinets with white handles to give an overall impression. The addition of steel faucets, in effect, makes the design alluring. This is one of the Beautiful Italian kitchen designs.


  • Traditional Italian Kitchen:


Get this all traditional Italian kitchen design sporting the rustic look of an Italian garden area. The wooden cabinets have a traditional look with a marble kitchen top. This makes for a nice warm kitchen that also looks adorable.

Italian kitchens have a nice, sleek and trendy look while the cabinets are best to house all your kitchen necessities. Choose your favourite one from the above latest Italian kitchen designs.

Blau too redefines Boldness with its extensive Modular kitchen designs. It’s a statement that adds a legion of elan to your kitchen space. Blau focuses on functionality with a fine blend of finesse, precision & innovation. With Blau, you don’t just get to see it; you get to see through it.

Modern Kitchen Design vs Contemporary vs Transitional

Since every day we come up with some development or improvement in any given field, it’s the same when it comes to modern kitchen design too. kitchen design came a long way, Lets checkout some of the styles and we would like to leave it to you to measure which is better since not everyone has the same taste.

Modern Kitchen

  • Contemporary: Contemporary basically means to live in the current time; it is rather a ‘lighter’ term to use. For example, what was the trend 10 years back might not be the same today. In the same way today one can build a Kitchen cabinet with Marble top (traditional) with minimal and sharp-edged frame (modern) becomes a contemporary style.
  • Features that define a ”contemporary kitchen cabinet design these days would be things like cutting-edge appliances, some of which boast smart or tech-savvy gadgets, Eco-friendly products and finishes, a layered lighting plan, and a mix of materials and appliances.
  • Modern kitchen cabinets: Modern kitchen styles emerged in 20th century; Birthed by the German Bauhaus schools of design and the Scandinavian design emphasis on simplicity and function, the Modern kitchen Style is actually very old. Modern kitchen cabinets have a really specific design style.
  • Modern kitchen cabinets are majorly Sleek and minimalist, contemporary kitchens thrive on straight lines, sharp corners and simplistic style with stainless steel appliances and modern pendant lights etc.,
  • Transitional Kitchen Cabinets: The transitional kitchen cabinets blend the best of both warm and cosy traditional elements with cooler, sleeker modern ones.
  • So, for example, in transitional kitchen cabinets, you may select more ornate cabinet door frames with traditional hardware, but you’ll still end up choosing a frameless design. A transitional kitchen may have a sweet chair near the wall near the dining area, but it will also have a swanky chandelier or some funky suspended pendants to lend a more contemporary edge. You get the picture…

This way, we can try to differentiate Modern, contemporary and transitional kitchen designs. However, it all depends upon the way one preserves a particular style of design.

Kitchen trends that are making waves in 2017

Kitchens are one of those rooms of a home that end up becoming the central focal point. Gatherings happen, thoughts are exchanged and a general family air is maintained. To make things exciting, it’s always important to stay up to date with the current trends. There are a lot of kitchen trends that followed us from 2016 till 2017. Here are some of the kitchen trends that made a great mark this year:

Kitchen Trends1 Dramatic Light Fixtures

Instead of choosing the same old recessed can lights, consider some unique pendants. Combined with under cabinet lighting, they will provide enough light for cooking, and add some interest to your kitchen. These kitchen trends have followed us with a very positive win for 2017.

2 Contrasting cabinets

Single tone cabinets are boring. 2017 kitchen trends is spicing things up with very pretty dual toned cabinets. You can choose with black and white or any two contrasting colors to achieve a bold, contemporary look.

3 Mix and match

Not all the furniture and hardware in your kitchen should match. Different colour tones add a nice touch to an otherwise boring look. Mixing metals is a great way to add interest to your space as long as it’s done minimally.

4 Let your sink make a statement

Who said your sink has to be plain and boring? Spice it up with different colours to add the bling to your kitchen. Choose a bold color. In contrast with stark white or wood cabinets, a colorful kitchen sink can bring in the perfect amount of color.

5 Hidden appliances

Bulky appliances affect sore eyes; this is even truer when they are in an area that’s already extremely cluttered. This year, it’s time to get rid of the bulky things in your kitchen. Focus on integrated appliances that blend in with the rest of the cabinetry in your kitchen.

At Blau, we understand the amount of work that goes into redesigning and maintaining a kitchen. To make sorting out kitchen trends easy for you, there’s a list of easily attainable kitchen trend solutions just to simplify life. Visit: to get the perfect design for your perfect home.

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