German technology meets & Italian kitchen designs

Blaü uses a 60 seconds configurator, the first of its kind software and hardware combination that helps you design your dream wardrobe. Choose from a range of colours, materials, finish, and hardware. Cutting-edge German technology is what drives Blaü. We create Modular kitchens that just blend with your space and personality both. Each feature of the kitchen is synonymous with clean and sharp lines that flow seamlessly. Our Modular kitchens are unique to every home. So are the wardrobes and TV Units.

Each piece of Blaü furniture is molded with care. The Blaü trademark is visible clearly in every piece. In our factories, every design is transformed into a pleasant reality.

Looking at the impact that Italian kitchen designs have on today’s home, Blaü makes use of the best German technology to make sure that your favourite piece of furniture is nothing less than perfect. Well, magic is bound to happen when Italian Designs meet German technology.

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