Modern TV Units, Wall Units, and more

A room is designed keeping in mind an individual’s needs and desires. A TV Unit in your living room spruces up the entire look and feel of the room. Blaü creates TV units that are chic and contemporary, yet functional with soft closing drawers, et al.

Are you looking for chic and minimalistic modern TV Units for your living room and bedroom? Or you prefer TV Units with an exciting bookshelf to show off your refined taste in books? Well, whatever is your taste, there's certainly a piece of Blaü TV Units or Wall Units that will match it.

Blaü presents a collection of contemporary TV Units. Each of these units is designed keeping in mind the sophistication and luxury that is a part of all things Blaü. Each key component of your TV Unit or Side Unit is tested multiple times to satisfy our world-class quality benchmarks.

All Blaü TV Units & Wall Units are aesthetic yet functional to suit Indian homes as well. What’s more? You can opt for a personalized TV unit that reflects your persona. Simply choose the desired size, material & style to get started.

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